Green Tea Capsules

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A proprietary blend of green tea targeting joint health


Our Green Tea Capsules target joint health. Oxidative stress degrades joints over time and green tea has been clinically demonstrated to reduce joint inflammation. Brilliant Health has managed to harness plant derived bioactives that are shown to have a potent anti-inflammatory power.

Green Tea has been shown to inhibit COX1, COX2 and 5LOX enzymes. These enzymes are the same enzymes upon which ibuprofen works, without the potential harmful side-effects to the stomach lining and kidneys that are known to accompany traditional NSAID drugs.

Thanks to standardization and rapid assay technologies, Brilliant Health has created a superior green tea capsule that works quickly and effectively, naturally.


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A great alternative to NSAID pain relievers for joint health and to reduce oxidative stress. A world-renowned anti-inflammatory, green tea has been used for centuries to help reduce inflammation in the joints and all over the body.

Our capsules are:

  • Physician-formulated
  • All-natural
  • Standardized
  • High quality
  • American made

    Our green tea is carefully curated and selected for it’s powerful anti inflammatory properties. Our superior precision extraction technology and techniques allow for standardized doses of medicine, time after time.

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